13 Gallon Trash Bags And 13 Gallon Kitchen Bags – Get The Trash Where It Belongs

Keeping homes, offices, businesses, parks, and other public places clean and free of trash is a tough job which can be made easier by using large, sturdy 13-gallon trash bags. The 13-gallon size is the most popular size trash bags in the 10- to 20-gallon size range. It is because they are big enough to keep a lot of trash, although not too large that they hold too much trash and rip so they get the trash where it belongs. Their high-density plastic materials are strong with exemplary tear resistance and are the perfect size to have maximum strength. These puncture-resistant bags are designed for extra heavy loads. You can stuff them full of garbage and are expectant of no rips or tears to occur. The 13-gallon size is the ideal trash bag to choose for use in the home, in an office, in a park, or in any other public place where considerable amounts of trash have to be removed on a daily basis. Because they are so strong, these 13-gallon trash and kitchen bags last longer and hold more waste product than other smaller, thinner garbage pail bags.

Having proper waste containment can be quite a health issue whether indoors or out, even if no food is involved. Demonstrably, kitchen bags are going to be filled up with messy food scraps and cuttings. But outside trash cans are also packed with garbage and food stuff. Therefore , 13 gallon trash bags are needed outdoors and in all rooms, especially in trash cans (like bathrooms) where you definitely usually do not want the bag ripping and spilling the trash all over the floor as you take it out to the dumpster. And outdoors, it is important to use big, strong bags in areas where there is likely to be excess trash, such as at concerts and fairs, or large conventions.

Your online wholesaler stocks 13-gallon kitchen bags along with some other sizes, including 10, 15, 16 and 20 gallon sizes. They come in black or clear trash bags, and are sold in individual boxes or large bulk quantity packages for home or commercial use. Trash bags ordered in bulk sizes are wrapped up as large rolls for easy dispensing and storage. Rolls will fit easily into smaller storage spaces and are always ready when needed. Bulk quantity may be the most economical way to order 13 gallon kitchen bags and trash bags. Experience will dictate which size works best for your company or home, but 13-gallon is the most popular size, and you can save money on all 13 gallon sizes by ordering bags from your on the web cleaning and janitorial supplies wholesaler.

When you order trash cans or bins, especially for an office or school, be sure to order enough trash bags for that same place. Placing extra trash containers around a busy area is one sure way to encourage use of those containers for waste by customers or visitors Offices and schools need extra trash containers in and around the buildings for students and employees who tend to just drop trash on the ground if there is no readily available container for waste coming soon.


View the wide choice of all sizes of trash cans and trash and kitchen bags online and get prompt delivery directly to your business or home door. Take advantage of everyday wholesale pricing, discounts and regular specials from your online wholesaler of janitorial and cleaning services and products. Use 13-gallon trash bags and get the trash where it belongs!